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Alex and Vape entrepreneur Phil met as young adults in college, throughout their years of friendship, they collaborated on multiple projects which has brought joy and value within their community. Phil has been running an online transnational E-Commerce Vape shop since 2013 which has delivered both medical and recreational devices for customers who have taken control of their holistic well being. With years of experience treating patients for various ailments varying from the severe to the rudimentary Alex brings his unique stance on human suffering and empathy to AgeOfHemp. Phil brings his personal mark of efficiency through years of experience in understanding of customer service and desire for a product experience that brings a level of satisfaction that our consumer base is not just a group of customers, they are members of our community.

The two partners have come together to deliver the best value and quality of care. Through their research they have put together a combination of the highest quality product and the most convenient delivery system to give you the best care. Through their research on hemp and certified labs, they have developed the highest quality hemp products available for your holistic needs. Our development center located in Utah has scientifically enabled us to create the purest product. We have delved into the various uses of hemp, not just for individual symptoms, but for the best well being of the person. The AgeOfHemp community  is highly educated and aware of the requirements that their own bodies need; their product has been specifically developed to fit those needs. The exclusively designed E-Commerce system is fine tuned to the ease of access that the customer base requires. 

With the national legalization of hemp via the 2018 Farm Bill there is a disconnect between hemp production and hemp delivery, Age of Hemp seeks to bridge that disconnect. Hemp has been used for centuries for its holistic purposes. AgeOfHemp came together in order to continue and refine the tradition of the use of organic Hemp with the safety of scientific backing. Both Dr. Roth and Vape entrepreneur Phil decided to start with Hemp Oil Tinctures, Hemp Oil Softgels, Hemp Vape Pens, Hemp Balm/Salve and CBD Dog Treats. These products are compliant with USDA organic regulations. Their journey is to improve both customer satisfaction and experience in a continuous fashion, and the brand will always appreciate any customer input into our business practice as Age Of Hemp strives to be a consumer friendly organization.


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