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What is CBD?

CBD aka Cannabidiol oil is an all natural substance derived from the organic Hemp plant which has been used throughout the centuries for various ailments. It has long been applied as a holistic ingredient and means to assist in the control of symptoms of larger disorders. These supplements can have a synergistic effect with other treatment modalities including behavioral therapy. For use as a supplement please speak to your doctor if you have any major medical conditions, or are on any pharmaceutical medications as they may have interactions. May also cause elevated liver enzymes and other effects including diarrhea and fatigue. Further studies are being pursued on the benefits of CB in larger controlled studies but preliminary research in small studies involving humans and animals have shown to be beneficial.

CBD has been shown in some studies to have beneficial effects on the following conditions

Inflammatory conditions Stress related sleep disorders Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
Chronic Pain Management Generalized anxiety disorder Elevated Blood pressure
Joint Pain Personality disorder Menstrual cramps
Anxiety Conditions Nausea Bone Health
Sleep Disorders Depression Similar Effects On Animals

Age Of Hemp CBD products are compliant with the USDA organic regulations, Organic Food Production Act, National Organic Program, US Farm Bill for Hemp production and sale. CO2 extracted CBD oil an industrial Hemp- Derived product from an approved source facility as per the Public Health Division of the Denver Dept of Environmental Health Cannabinoid Profile: 86.95 % - 95% total CBD per Gram of product, 0% THC by an ISO/IEC Lab